What Does the Church Say About Covid-19 Vaccines?

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What Does the Church Say About Covid-19 Vaccines?

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops published a short document to help guide Catholics through the ethics of Covid-19 vaccines. It answers several questions, including:

  • Is it true that there is a connection between some vaccines and abortion?
  • What does the Church say about abortion-derived cell lines and their connection to vaccines?
  • Do COVID-19 vaccines use abortion-derived cell lines?
  • Is it morally acceptable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that uses abortion-derived cell lines?
  • Is there a moral obligation to receive a COVID-19 vaccination?
  • What can those who uphold the sanctity of life do to protest against the use of abortion-derived cell lines and advocate for ethical vaccines?
  • Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective?

Read the document.